Next generation spectrum monitoring

We provide sophisticated spectrum monitoring solutions to help civilian and non-civilian spectrum stakeholders.

These include planners and regulators, spectrum operations and enforcement teams, police and security forces, military test, training and in-theater operations.

We develop and manufacture high performance cost-effective systems for collecting, analyzing and managing massive spectrum data sets, enabling users to ‘see through the noise’, make sense of their spectral environment and make better decisions.

Applications include regulatory monitoring and management, direction finding and geolocation of emitters, remote site, perimeter and border monitoring, real-time situational awareness, threat detection and signals intelligence. We also supply best-in-class COTS boards and modules to OEM and integrator partners for size, weight and power constrained, mission critical, deployed defense and aerospace platforms.

CRFS Inc is located in Fairfax Virginia. In addition, CRFS has operations in Cambridge, UK and a worldwide network of in-country partners offering sales and customer support.