DRFM Platforms

CRFS is pioneering open architecture Digital Radio Frequency Memory solutions providing enhanced situational awareness for real-time spectrum operations with small form factor (SFF) distributed receiver, detector arrays and scalable high performance computing (HPC) clusters.


  • Wideband receivers & detectors
  • Small form factor, low SWaP
  • Distributed fiber optic network
  • Sweep and stare modes
  • Scalable HPC processing clusters
  • Hetrogeneous: FPGA, GPU, CPU
  • COTS system architecture
  • Multi-level data queries


  • High probability of intercept
  • Co-located with antenna heads
  • Full data rate stream-to-host
  • Wideband RF monitor & capture
  • Real-time processing & playback
  • Optimize for application needs
  • Plug & play technology refresh
  • Fast event display & analysis

RFeye DRFM Platform receiver network

Up to 4 x RFeye Nexus receiver or detector end-points via fibre

Nexus 100-18 Receiver Specifications

Frequency range
9kHz to 18GHz

Noise figures at maximum sensitivity

DC to 0.12GHz
12dB typical
0.12GHz to 6GHz
9dB typical
6GHz to 10GHz
12dB typical
10GHz to 18GHz
15dB typical

Phase noise

Receiver input at ≤1GHz
≤-125dBc/Hz at 20kHz offset
Receiver input at >1GHz
≤-115dBc/Hz at 20kHz offset

Signal analysis

Instantaneous bandwidth
up to 100MHz
Tuning resolution

CRFS new product early access programme

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