Evaluation System

The RFeye Evaluation System is ideal for users wanting to trial the extensive capabilities of the RFeye Node 20-6.


  • Portable carry case
  • RFeye Node 20-6
  • Omnidirectional antenna
  • GPS antenna & cables
  • RFeye™ demo software
  • Universal power adapter


  • Pack and go where needed
  • Multi-mission capability
  • Wideband reception
  • Time and location fix
  • Quick start examples
  • Plug and play installation


Receiver specifications

Frequency range
10MHz to 6GHz

Omnidirectional antenna

Frequency range:
800MHz to 6GHz

Front panel

RF inputs
4 x SMA connectors
Ports 1 to 4
Switchable over entire range

Receiver noise figures at maximum sensitivity

10MHz to 3GHz
8dB typical
3GHz to 6GHz
11dB typical

Receiver phase noise

Receiver input at 0.5GHz
≤-115dBc/Hz at 20kHz offset
Receiver input at 6GHz
≤-110dBc/Hz at 20kHz offset

Signal analysis

Instantaneous bandwidth
Tuning resolution

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