A collection of videos demonstrating RFeye software capabilities

Simulation Series

A 9 part series on using RFeye software simulation tools in the context of geolocation in a complex signal environment. The problems of frequency hoppers, jammers and co-channel interference are explored and solved using RFeye software.

Simulation Tools: Part 1


Simulation Tools: Part 2

Geolocation of chirp signal

Simulation Tools: Part 3

Fixed frequency transmitter

Simulation tools: Part 4

Geolocation in the presence of a jammer

Simulation Tools: Part 5

Geolocation with co-channel interference

Simulation Tools: Part 6

Frequency hopper and co-channel interference

Simulation Tools: Part 7

Geolocating a wideband jammer

Simulation Tools: Part 8

Low power frequency hopper

Simulation Tools: Part 9

Multitarget geolocation

Other Videos

Hybrid AOA/TDOA Multitarget Tracking

Combine AOA and TDOA to precisely geolocate multiple targets simultaneously.

Spectrum Charts

Using charts in CRFS software to visualize spectrum data.

Multi-User Multi-Mission

RFeye software can be simultaneously used by multiple users to carry out independent missions.

Adding Markers to Frequency Spectra

Highlight data of interest by adding markers to spectrum charts.

POA Geolocation

Using the difference in received power to geolocate transmitters with Power On Arrival (POA) geolocation.

AOA Geolocation

Using Angle On Arrival (AOA) geolocation in RFeye software.

Propagation Modeling and Coverage

RFeye software's propagation modeling tools for visualizing and optimizing receiver coverage.

Pub7 Spectrum Licensing Data Overlay

Overlaying spectrum license data on RFeye software maps.

Spectrum Map Analysis

Recorded spectrum survey data overlaid on maps for easy visualisation of quality of signal coverage.

2D Maps and Elevation Overlays

Digital Elevation Models (DEMs) such as SRTM and LIDAR are used to source terrain data.

In-building POA Geolocation

Short-range, in-building performance of Power On Arrival (POA) geolocation.

TDOA Geolocation

Time Difference On Arrival (TDOA) geolocation in RFeye software